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Re: [PATCH 1/1 V2] manual/time.texi: correct the zoneinfo path

On Fri, 13 Feb 2015, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > To be honest, as a patch. I'm going to change the contribution checklist.
> A consensus of one?
> > As a patch it allows me to use patchwork to pull down the patch, git am,
> > and then let my merge driver fix it up or fixup manually.
> The main reason it has always been policy not to include ChangeLog diffs in
> a patch is that the context (i.e. top few lines of the file) always changes
> and so the patch fails to apply.  If it does happen to apply because of
> successful context matching, that puts the new log entry someplace other
> than at the top of the line, which is not allowed.

I also say that ChangeLog diffs should not appear in the patch.  Even if 
it's applied at the top because of custom merge handling, you still need 
to add the bug number to NEWS, and still need to update the date on the 
ChangeLog entry to reflect the date of commit, and still need to 
regenerate any generated files not included in the diff.

Joseph S. Myers

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