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Re: [PATCH] [BZ 17588 13064] Update UTF-8 charmap and width to Unicode 7.0.0

Ugh, I didn't realize the patch was so big, so much that it bounced.

Here's another try, with an xz-compressed patch.

On Feb 12, 2015, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:

> On Feb  3, 2015, Pravin Satpute <> wrote:
>> Mike has updated script to fix pylintrc warnings. [b][c] I feel it
>> reduce readability and make it more complex.

> Thanks.  I have turned the scripts into a patch for GNU libc, and wrote
> a Makefile that can be used to update the generated files out of
> Unicode.

> Please verify that the generated files match what you expect.
> I had to adjust the de_DE.ISO-8859-1 islower tests because  and Â
> (feminine and masculine ordinal indicators, respectively) are now
> regarded as lower-case letters.

> Regression tested on x86_64-linux-gnu.  Ok to install?

> Unicode 7.0.0 update; added generator scripts.

> From: Alexandre Oliva <>

> for  localedata/ChangeLog

> 	* unicode-gen/Makefile: New.
> 	* unicode-gen/ New generator.
> 	* unicode-gen/ New verifier.
> 	* unicode-gen/ New verifier
> 	module.
> 	* unicode-gen/ New generator.
> 	* unicode-gen/utf8_compatibility: New verifier.
> 	* charmaps/UTF-8: Update.
> 	* locales/i18n: Update.
> 	* gen-unicode-ctype.c: Remove.
> 	* Adjust, islower now returns
> 	true for ordinal indicators.

Attachment: unicode7-update-and-scripts.patch.xz
Description: application/xz

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