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Re: static_assert in c89 and c99

On Thu, Feb 05, 2015 at 10:59:07AM +0100, Lars Gullik BjÃnnes wrote:
> >> In assert.h static_assert is always defined when __USE_ISOC11 is defined
> >> and that is unconditionally defined by _ISOC11_SOURCE. For a library
> >> feature that would be ok, but since static_assert is using
> >> _Static_assert its usability is really controlled by the compiler and
> >> -std=c11.
> >> 
> >> I think the static_assert define must be guarded by a check that
> >> -std=c11 really is in effect.
> >
> | If glibc is providing static_assert using _Static_assert on compilers
> | which don't implement the latter, that should probably be fixed. It
> | could be done using _Static_assert conditionally on __GNUC__>=x ||
> | __STDC_VERSION__>=C11, with a fallback to an old method like the dummy
> | type declaration with possibly-invalid array size.
> Gcc 4.6 got support for _Static_assert unconditionally.
> We se the problem since we are (unfortunately) forced to use gcc 4.4.

Then I think glibc should check for 100*__GNUC__+__GNUC_MINOR__<406
and use an alternate definition for _Static_assert in that case. Even
if glibc does not support being built with gcc 4.4, it should still
support using gcc 4.4 (and much older) to compile applications against


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