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Re: [RFC] Make _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 default.

Mike Frysinger wrote:
i'm debating adding it to the next Gentoo glibc version to gather
some actual data since no one seems to want to move w/out data, but no one
wants to gather data either.

Joseph's message gave me pause, as I worry it's asking for an enormous task that can never truly said to be done. Regardless, I took one step to do this, and exhaustively surveyed all libraries installed on my Fedora 20 host as part of my routine development for building coreutils, GNU Emacs, etc. I found the following issues:

glibc's own fts.h refuses to compile if __USE_FILE_OFFSET64 is defined.

zlib's zlib.h attempts to work around the glibc problems with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS, and its workaround would need adjusting if glibc changed the default.

Several libraries use APIs that accept affected data types. These libraries are all compiled with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS #defined to be 64, so the proposed change would be beneficial as it would fix any applications that are currently mistakenly compiled without defining _FILE_OFFSET_BITS to be 64. These libraries are:

* fontconfig's fontconfig/fontconfig.h defines a function FcDirCacheLoadFile that accepts struct stat *

* gawk's gawkapi.h defines a type awk_input_buf_t that has a struct stat.

* glib's glib-2.0/glib/gstdio.h defines g_stat, g_lstat, GStatBuf, all of which use struct stat.

* Berkeley DB's libdb/db.h defines db_env_set_func_ftruncate, db_env_set_func_pread, db_env_set_func_pwrite, db_env_set_func_seek, all functions that accept functions that accept off_t arguments.

* libselinux's selinux/selinux.h defines a function matchpathcon_filespec_add that accepts an ino_t.

Here are the libraries I looked at as part of my inspection (these are Fedora 20 package names).

GConf2 ImageMagick OpenEXR alsa-lib at-spi2-atk atk bzip2 cairo cairo-gobject dbus dbus-glib expat fontconfig freetype gdbm gdk-pixbuf2 ghostscript giflib glib2 glibc gnustep-base gnustep-gui gnutls gpm gtk3 harfbuzz ilmbase jasper java-1.7.0-openjdk keyutils-libs krb5 lcms2 libICE libSM libX11 libXau libXaw libXcomposite libXcursor libXdamage libXext libXfixes libXft libXi libXinerama libXmu libXpm libXrandr libXrender libXt libXxf86vm libacl libattr libcom_err libdb libdrm libicu libjpeg-turbo liblockfile libotf libpng librsvg2 libselinux libsepol libstdc++ libtasn1 libtiff libverto libwayland-client libwayland-cursor libwebp libxcb libxkbcommon libxml2 m17n-lib mesa-libEGL mesa-libGL mesa-libGLU ncurses openssl p11-kit pango pcre perl pixman systemtap-sdt valgrind wayland xorg-x11-proto xz zlib

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