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Re: Minimum floating-point requirements

On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 6:51 PM, Joseph S. Myers <> wrote:
> Steve, I don't think I've seen any followup to this message
> <>.  As I note
> there, I'd be happy with Mike Stump's suggestion of a -mieee option (with
> whatever name the powerpc GCC maintainers might prefer) enabling use of
> new libgcc functions __gcc_qadd_ieee, __gcc_qsub_ieee, __gcc_qmul_ieee,
> __gcc_qdiv_ieee, where would have more careful treatment of exceptions
> (and in future of rounding modes) than the main _gcc_* functions.

Which mode are you and Mike proposing as the default?  Based on the
proposed naming, I assume that the current behavior will remain with
the current names of the functions. I assume that -mieee (or whatever
command line option is chosen) will not be the default?

How do you propose this interact with, for example, libstdc++? A
multilib will be odious, but one will not obtain full conformance if
one mixes code that references both sets of symbols.

Or do you propose using the same symbol name and somehow overriding
the default, non-conformant symbols with another library?

Thanks, David

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