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[PATCH 00/19] PowerPC: multiarch support for PPC32

Hi all,

This is respin of my patchset for multilib support to PowerPC. As previsouly
discussed, I have changed the minimum support for PPC32 to be POWER4+
(--with-cpu=power4). This is a large patchset so I divided in 4 parts:

1. String functions for PPC32
2. Math functions for PPC32
3. String functions for PPC64
4. Math functions for PPC64

Some notes:

* The complete pathset is at azanella/multilib-ppc branch.

* I rewrote the patches to get rid of the location change of implementations.
  It was a bad strategy and the idea is keep build with --disable-multi-arch
  similar to current build.

* The support is complete with both string/etc. and fpu specialized functions.

* With the patches I pushed some common implementation to sysdeps/powerpc/powerX
  from sysdeps/powerpc/power32/.. and this required some cleanup on PowerPC64

* Current multiarch is just enabled for --with-cpu-power4. The patch to enabled
  it for power5/power5+/power6/power6x/power7/power8 is at second patchset
  (math functions for ppc32)

I tested with GCC 4.4.6 and 4.8.2 on PowerPC32.

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