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Re: [BZ#16078] [COMMITTED] New-locale-for-anp_IN

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 9:50 AM, Marko Myllynen <> wrote:

>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_IDENTIFICATION
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_CTYPE
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_COLLATE
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_TIME
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_NUMERIC
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_MONETARY
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_MESSAGES
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_PAPER
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_NAME
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_ADDRESS
>>>> +category  "anp_IN:2013";LC_TELEPHONE
>>>> +
>>> LC_MEASUREMENT is missing.
>> I don't think so, please look again at the bottom of the locale file.
> no, it is missing from the LC_IDENTIFICATION category quoted above.

Okay, so there are two hundred other locales where LC_MEASUREMENT is
missing in the category section.  It will take a little while to fix
all of these, but thanks for pointing it out in anp_IN.  I guess it
has just propagated as an error from earlier locales. *sigh*


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