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Re: [COMMITTED] Adjust language-code fields of LC_ADDRESS.

On 10/24/2013 11:47 AM, Chris Leonard wrote:
> /Changelog
> 2013-10-24  Chris Leonard  <>
>     * locale/iso-639.def: Add Ligurian (lij)

This is technically a distinct issue that should have gone in
as the first commit adding lij to the list of iso-639.def

After that commit you could then do the next change as another
distinct commit. I assume you wanted lij added to iso-639.def
because you were going to touch lij_IT and add some lij specific
terms and you wanted iso-639 up to date.

It should still be two distinct commits since AFAICT they don't
depend on eachother, but are good to have both.

> localedata/Changelog
> 2013-10-24  Chris Leonard  <>
>     * locales/ja_JP: Adjust language-code fields of LC_ADDRESS.
>     * locales/ka_GE: Likewise.
>     * locales/kk_KZ: Likewise.
>     * locales/kl_GL: Likewise.
>     * locales/kn_IN: Likewise.
>     * locales/ko_KR: Likewise.
>     * locales/kok_IN: Likewise.
>     * locales/ks_IN: Likewise.
>     * locales/ku_TR: Likewise.
>     * locales/kw_GB: Likewise.
>     * locales/ky_KG: Likewise.
>     * locales/lg_UG: Likewise.
>     * locales/lij_IT: Likewise.
>     * locales/lt_LT: Likewise.
>     * locales/lv_LV: Likewise.

Is there a user visible bug that this is fixing?

I'm happy to see LC_ADDRESS being filled out for various


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