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Re: [PATCH] Remove configure checks for and automatic running of autoconf

On 16/10/13 22:06, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Oct 2013, Allan McRae wrote:
>> These checks used to be run when using --with-cvs but were left in
>> when that option was removed.  Remove these checks as regeneration
>> of the configure file should be consciously performed.  This also
>> stops the generation of autom4te.cache in the source directory
>> while building, allowing the relevant entry to be removed from
>> .gitignore.
> Please don't remove the Makefile rules for regenerating configure scripts.  
> It should be possible to use "make" to regenerate any generated file in 
> the source tree, ideally.  The makefile rules are what defines the correct 
> commands and options to use for regeneration; nothing else does.
> The only problem is the modification of the source tree *when the scripts 
> and their timestamps are up to date*.

So we have differing opinions being expressed on this one.  Carlos said
they should not be automatically generated.  See [1].

Can we come to some compromise here that gets rid of the autoconf check
in configure but still has make rules?



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