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Re: [PATCH] test-skeleton: Kill any child process's offspring

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 09:24:36PM +0100, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
> Hi,
>  Some of the test cases driven by our test-skeleton create subprocesses.  
> In a test scenario involving what looks to me like a Linux kernel bug I 
> have observed stray processes of this kind left behind where their parent 
> was killed by test-skeleton after a timeout however the process in 
> question was not.  This leads to a clutter in the environment our test 
> suite is run within and on weaker systems may also affect test results 
> where the processing power consumed by such a leftover causes the lack of 
> same for subsequent test cases and consequently timeouts.
>  The cause of leaving such processes behind is signal_handler that calls 
> kill to send SIGKILL to test-skeleton's immediate child only and not any 
> further descendants.  Conveniently as the child starts it places itself in 
> a separate process group that is then inherited by any further children.  
> Therefore a simple if not obvious fix to this problem is to send SIGKILL 
> to the child's process group instead which this change implements.  There 
> is no need to wait for any additional descendants left as the exit status 
> of the immediate child is enough for our purposes and init(8) will take 
> care of the rest in the unlikely case this change addresses.
>  The problem itself was observed with nptl/tst-mutexpi9 and that this fix 
> makes go away -- no stray processes after the test suite has terminated 
> anymore (nptl/tst-mutexpi9 has its own problem of course on this target, 
> but that's another matter; I think there's a value in making the test 
> suite itself more robust).
>  OK to apply?
What is status of this patch?

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