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Re: support for version-3 format tz binary files

On Wed, 18 Sep 2013, Paul Eggert wrote:

> In the next four messages I'll send patches to document the
> existing glibc support for the new version-3-format tz binary files,
> and to add support for one version-3 feature that's currently missing.
> I haven't tested these changes, unfortunately, as I understand it's
> hard to build and install glibc, but the patches should be
> straightforward.

We fixed the most obvious issues making it hard for new people to build 
glibc some time ago:

* GNU/Linux distribution compilers defaulting to -fstack-protector or 
-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE are automatically handled.

* 32-bit x86 compilers defaulting to -march=i686 work fine instead of 
causing problems with symbol names in .S files containing __i686.

* 32-bit x86 compilers defaulting to -march-i386 produce an error at 
configure time rather than a cryptic link failure.

So, you should ignore any old reputation of being hard to build.  If you 
have actual problems with

(install any needed distribution packages)
/some/where/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-add-ons
make check

(beyond any of the known testsuite failures as listed at 
<>), the libc-help list can 
help advise on resolving build problems.

In any case, if a submitted patch isn't reviewed within a week or so, then 
please ping it, and keep pinging approximately weekly.  (But people are 
more likely to review if they only need to review, not test as well as 

I am operating under the presumption the files in timezone/ that (as per 
the README there) come from tzcode should not be updated until this patch 
series is in.

Joseph S. Myers

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