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Re: [BZ#13982] [PATCH 2/3] Split ar_SD into ar_SD and ar_SS

On Fri, 4 Oct 2013, Chris Leonard wrote:

> 2013-10-04  Chris Leonard  <cjl@sugarlabs,.org>
>     [BZ#13982]
>     * locales/ar_SS: Split ar_SD into ar_SD and ar_SS
>     * locales/ar_SD: Correct LC_ADDRESS country_num.

ar_SS.ar_SS.UTF-8...character map file `charmaps/ar_SS.UTF-8' not found: No such file or directory
locales/ar_SS:65: LC_MONETARY: unknown character in field `currency_symbol'

(This breakage was probably actually from your commit to SUPPORTED, where 
the commit message "Copy / modify pap_AN into pap_AW and pap_CW." didn't 
mention the change at all, rather than from the addition of the ar_SS file 
itself.  Also, the addition of ar_SS doesn't appear to have a 
localedata/ChangeLog entry.)

Please stop committing untested patches; your recent commits have a high 
rate of problems that would have been shown up by minimal "make 
localedata/install-locales" testing.  If you can't run "make 
localedata/install-locales", don't commit patches at all; ask for other 
people to test and commit (and make clear when posting the patches that 
they are untested).

Joseph S. Myers

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