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Re: [PATCH] Fix __check_pf()/make_request() stack overflow segfault (convert to alloca_account) and memory leak.

On 10/4/13 12:33 AM, "Carlos O'Donell" <> wrote:
>Is there a detailed description of the exact problems
>you are fixing with this patch?
>Could you please file one or more bugs in bugzilla for
>these user visible defects? - calls to
getaddrinfo() leak memory. - calls to
getaddrinfo() can segfault with large numbers of local ipaddrs.

>Could you please split this into at least 2 patches
>for review.
>The first patch should be as minimal as possible and
>convert to alloca_account.
>The next patch should fix the memory leak.

Coming in next email, although I recommend you take them both at the same

>> Tested with valgrind --leak-check=full --show-reachable=yes while
>> getaddrinfo() and subsequent freeaddrinfo() with 64k+ local IPv4 and
>>IPv6 addresses.
>Full testsuite run on x86-64? Regressions?

i386 and x86-64 run against 2.15 with this patch. I see there are very
similar architecture specific versions of these files in other places, I
cannot verify those so I did not patch them.


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