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Re: PowerPC LE configury

On Thu, 3 Oct 2013, Alan Modra wrote:

> Actually, I think I made a mistake in choosing 2.19 as the base
> version.  At the time I was thinking that 2.19 will be the first
> official release for powerpc64le glibc, but we are going to be using

Well, it's not going to be anything before 2.19, regardless of what 
unofficial versions may be in use, so the normal practice is to use 2.19 
as base symbol version.  Similarly, arch_minimum_kernel should be set to 
the kernel version where support for LE went in upstream, 
without regard to any non-upstream kernel versions people might previously 
have used with LE - though failing to have that set is simply a missed 
optimization, it doesn't break compatibility if arch_minimum_kernel gets 
set later.  (By way of comparison, x32 uses 2.16 as minimum symbol 
version, although some earlier versions were used before support was 
merged into official glibc.  I notice we seem to be missing an 
arch_minimum_kernel setting for x32; that's a deficiency, it should be set 
to 3.4.0 in that case.)

Joseph S. Myers

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