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Re: [PATCH] Async signal safe TLS accesses

On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 3:36 PM, Rich Felker <> wrote:
> The idea that dlopen has to poke at all existing threads is wrong.
> That's the complex, error-prone way to implement safe TLS allocation.
> The other way is to simply allocate sufficient space (including space
> for enlarged DTVs) for the currently existing number of threads, but
> wait to give it to them until they call __tls_get_addr.

Note that as I understand the spec, this just doesn't work for
initial-exec TLS in dlopen'd modules.  By the time dlopen returns, the
relevant relocation needs to contain an offset that has the valid
initial TLS image in all extant threads. (Remember that with
initial-exec TLS we may never get a call to tls_get_addr with which to
lazily initialize the region.)  This means dlopen must iterate all
threads and fill in the correct offset with the image (as it does,
already, with or without my patch.)

One can argue that maybe dlopen should not support initial-exec but
that ship has, in fact, sailed.

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