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Re: Move powerpc ports pieces to libc.

On Mon, 30 Sep 2013, Steven Munroe wrote:

> > Really the existing multi-arch support doesn't do a good job of optimizing 
> > for cases where only a subset of the multi-arch implementations are 
> > relevant.  If glibc is being built for a general-purpose GNU/Linux 
> > distribution, then you might want binaries with a wide range of 
> > architecture variant support (including both the POWER and 4xx functions 
> > in the Power Architecture case, for example).  
> If you are suggesting that we would have a single distro spanning lowest
> 32-bit embedded 4xx to top of the top of the line 795 256-core Power7+,
> I don't think that is a reasonable assumptions.

As far as I can tell Debian only has a single official powerpc port, 
supporting a wide range of hardware, for example.  It's not the only use 
case, but it is one case - hence it being useful to have the possibility 
of controlling the subset of multi-arch implementations built depending on 
what your particular use case is.

Joseph S. Myers

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