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Re: [PATCH][BZ#15886] 1.1 revision of ht_HT locale

On Tue, 27 Aug 2013, Chris Leonard wrote:

> ChangeLog patch attached to ticket.  Please commit these patches on my

Please see <>.  
Patches and ChangeLog entries go in emails to libc-alpha, not Bugzilla.  
The change itself goes as a patch; the ChangeLog entry goes separately in 
the patch submission email rather than as part of the diff (and likewise 
the addition of any fixed bug number to NEWS doesn't go in the patch 
submission, it's expected to be done by the committer along with adding 
the ChangeLog entry to the top of the ChangeLog file).

In the case of a *new* locale, also make sure to include the addition to 
the SUPPORTED file in the patch you submit.

If you want someone to commit a patch for you, it's especially important 
to get all the details exactly right including the exact patch proposed 
for commit being included in an email, making it completely unambiguous 
exactly what patch version is proposed for commit with exactly what 
ChangeLog entry for what ChangeLog file.

One version of what I think is a new locale you submitted includes a 
version of wording referring to "GLIBC", contrary to what was said in 
<> - 'No formal 
text we use says "GLIBC"' (and as discussed elsewhere, when such a short 
form is used informally, it's in lowercase, glibc not GLIBC).

Joseph S. Myers

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