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Re: Status of merging distribution patches

On Thursday 04 July 2013 18:26:23 Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> One area where we haven't seen as much progress as I'd like is merging the
> accumulated piles of distribution patches back into glibc (except in those
> cases where a patch is for some inherently distribution-specific purpose,
> e.g. compatibility with ABI mistakes in past distribution binaries).

i've moved the Gentoo patches starting with 2.18 to the glibc git tree.  i 
don't think i'll bother publishing the older ones since there's not a whole 
lot to be gained there.

moving forward, i plan on cutting Gentoo patchsets straight from the glibc git 
tree so there's nothing to sync up.

documentation for each patch should be in the commit message.  i'll try to add 
more as i go along (like explicit reasons as to what is holding the patch back 
from being merged).

> (Much the same also applies to distribution bug trackers - it would be
> useful there as well for people to go through bugs and file them in glibc
> Bugzilla if they represent valid well-defined bugs that are still present
> in current unmodified glibc sources and aren't currently in glibc
> Bugzilla.)

i've been linking the Gentoo bugzilla with the one as i go

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