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Re: Symbol versions in libc.a

On Tuesday 20 August 2013 17:14:59 Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> In libc-symbols.h, DO_VERSIONING on its own controls the definitions of
> macros such as symbol_version and default_symbol_version.  The effect is
> that if those macros are used outside a conditional on SHARED, and the
> object is being built for libc.a, what happens depends on whether shared
> libraries are being built at all.  In particular, various objects in
> libc.a on powerpc (at least) contain symbol version information, and I
> suspect that they should not.  I'm inclined to say this is a bug in the
> relevant source files - they shouldn't be using symbol_version and
> default_symbol_version outside of conditionals on SHARED - but also that
> this information in libc.a objects is not useful and so it is safe to
> change the DO_VERSIONING conditional in libc-symbols.h to one on SHARED
> (so meaning libc.a no longer has this versioning information).
> Comments?

sounds reasonable.  the focus in the past was to not even support libc.a, so 
having this slip through is not surprising.  i can't think of a place where 
versioning in static libc.a would even be useful.

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