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glibc commit priv offer (localedata)


I would like to follow up on your previous offer of glibc commit privs
for the sole purpose of working on locales.

Sugar Labs has landed some funding related to L10n and one of the ways
we want to spend it is on the development and commit of new glibc
locale files for areas where we are developing L10n efforts.

I've got a number of locales in development already and I do not want
to just dump them on the existing committers without shouldering some
of the  burden of addressing locale tickets myself.  If granted commit
priv, I will endeavour to respond to additional locale tickets, not
just my own.

I'd like to solicit a mentor as I start out to indoctrinate me in the
ways of glibc and make my early efforts a learning experience on the
path to becoming a better glibc contributor.  Perhaps Andreas (who
responds to many locale tickets already) would be willing to watch
over my shoulder as I make my first few commits.

Carlos, I'll send you my SSH public key by private e-mail which I
assume is needed to set me up as a committer, assuming the offer still


Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator

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