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[PATCH] Update pt_chown sections of the manual

The pt-chown binary is discussed in the "Running make install" section
without clarification of the needed configure option.  Clarify this
and simplfy the discription which is already covered in the "Configuring
and compiling" section.  Move details of the source location to below
the discussion of the security risk imposed by pt-chown.

2013-08-20  Allan McRae  <>

	[BZ #15849]
	* manual/install.text (Running make install): Mention
	--enable-pt-chown.  Move source details...
	(Configuring and compiling):

 manual/install.texi | 16 +++++++---------
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/manual/install.texi b/manual/install.texi
index 4575d22..b5d41a7 100644
--- a/manual/install.texi
+++ b/manual/install.texi
@@ -175,7 +175,8 @@ pseudo-terminal ownership automatically.  By using
 @samp{--enable-pt_chown}, you may build @file{pt_chown} and install it
 setuid and owned by @code{root}.  The use of @file{pt_chown} introduces
 additional security risks to the system and you should enable it only if
-you understand and accept those risks.
+you understand and accept those risks.  The source for @file{pt_chown}
+is in @file{login/programs/pt_chown.c}.
 @item --build=@var{build-system}
 @itemx --host=@var{host-system}
@@ -325,14 +326,11 @@ can dramatically improve performance with NIS+, and may help with DNS as
 One auxiliary program, @file{/usr/libexec/pt_chown}, is installed setuid
-@code{root}.  This program is invoked by the @code{grantpt} function; it
-sets the permissions on a pseudoterminal so it can be used by the
-calling process.  This means programs like @code{xterm} and
-@code{screen} do not have to be setuid to get a pty.  (There may be
-other reasons why they need privileges.)  If you are using a
-Linux kernel with the @code{devptsfs} or @code{devfs} filesystems
-providing pty slaves, you don't need this program; otherwise you do.
-The source for @file{pt_chown} is in @file{login/programs/pt_chown.c}.
+@code{root} if the @samp{--enable-pt_chown} configuration option is used.
+This program is invoked by the @code{grantpt} function; it sets the
+permissions on a pseudoterminal so it can be used by the calling process.
+If you are using a Linux kernel with the @code{devpts} filesystem enabled
+and mounted at @file{/dev/pts}, you don't need this program.
 After installation you might want to configure the timezone and locale
 installation of your system.  @Theglibc{} comes with a locale

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