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[PATCH 00/36] PowerPC: Multiach support for PPC32

Hi all,

This patch set implements multiarch support for PPC32. It is a large patch, 36 parts,
however mostly of the internal are files move and small adjustments.

Some considerations:

* The support is complete with both string/etc. and FPU specialized functions.

* Minimum architecture supported is current GLIBC one (basically powerpc, prior
  to POWER4).

* With the patches I pushed some common implementation to sysdeps/powerpc/powerX
  from sysdeps/powerpc/power32/.. and this required some cleanup on PowerPC64
  side (although minimal).

* Each commit represent a symbol with first commit the initial support for the
  libc_ifunc mechanism, except the first one (initial support) and 20th one that
  setups the multiarch search order.

* Some cleanup was done, although mostly focused on comments.

Although most of the patch conflict with the ones posted by Alan Modra for PPC LE,
I didn't touch any logic of the implementation, I just added the ifunc infrastructure
to add the function selection. The PPC LE modification can be easy integrated on my
patch set, and the review for this patch set should not interfere with PPC LE one.

The current set of patch are being tracked on azanella/multilib-ppc-v3 branch at
glibc git.

The PPC64 is also completed, but I'd like to review the PPC32 first before push PPC64 side.

I tested with GCC 4.4.6, 4.7.3, and 4.8.1 on PowerPC32 (POWER5, POWER6, and POWER7).
I also did a built on a x86_64 to check non platform specifics changes.

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