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Re: [GLIBC Patch v2] inet: avoid redefinition of some structs in kernel

On 08/15/2013 05:28 AM, Cong Wang wrote:
> 2013-08-13  Carlos O'Donell  <>
> 	    Cong Wang <>
> 	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/bits/in.h
> 	* inet/netinet/in.h: Move in_addr definition and bits/in.h inclusion
> 	before __USE_KERNEL_IPV6_DEFS uses.
> 	* inet/netinet/in.h [!__USE_KERNEL_IPV6_DEFS]: Define IPPROTO_MH, and
> 	[__USE_KERNEL_IPV6_DEFS]: Don't define any of IPPROTO_*, in6_addr,
> 	sockaddr_in6, or ipv6_mreq.


Given that this is a user visible change could you please file
a glibc bugzilla bug in sourceware[1] so we can track the commit and so
that future users can reopen the bug to discuss any defects?

Then you need to add the BZ# to the ChangeLog, and whomever
commits this for you will mark it fixed in the NEWS. We should
also write up a NEWS blurb for this since it's the first explicit
header coordination of it's kind and we should highlight that
so developers take note and help us coordinate more headers.



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