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glibc 2.2.1

I've uploaded to

the 2.2.1 release of glibc consisting of the files

  glibc-2.2.1.tar.bz2               (also .gz)
  glibc-2.2-2.2.1.diff.bz2          (also .gz)
  glibc-linuxthreads-2.2.1.tar.bz2  (also .gz)

and for those updating from the last test release


The .xdelta file replaces the diff.  Some patch programs might have
problems with the diff of the files which appear to be binaries.  In
case you have problems get xdelta v1 and use this files (it's also
smaller and faster to download).

With glibc 2.2 being a pretty good release this one is believed to be
much better.  Therefore everybody is encouraged to upgrade.  But use
the binary provided by distribution makers since building a correct
library is not easy and you can easily render your system unusable.
This version was tested on

  x86 Linux
  PPC Linux
  Alpha Linux
  SPARC Linux
  x86 Hurd

It should also work on

  m68k Linux
  IA-64 Linux
  SH Linux

It should mostly work on

  MIPS Linux
  Arm Linux
  HPPA Linux

If you run into problem it's very likely the problem is actually the
compiler.  Make sure you are running a version which is known to work
for your platform.

Changes since 2.2 include almost exclusively bug fixes.  The few new
user-visible features added are explained in the NEWS file.

Report any problem using the glibcbug script.  If it does not work
send the report to  Before sending a
report read the FAQ to make sure it is not already covered.  Also, do
not send any mail directly to be me.  It will be immediately

---------------.                          ,-.   1325 Chesapeake Terrace
Ulrich Drepper  \    ,-------------------'   \  Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
Red Hat          `--' drepper at   `------------------------

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