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Re: [Various] libc/1609: Error in 'make check' origtest with

Solar Designer <> writes:

> Actually, it's possible Ulrich can answer this question without you
> having to try.  Does glibc 2.1 itself still use trampolines in some
> place that's critical to get a system running?  Does it require that
> trampolines work while it's being compiled?

We have in the source code some nested functions but they all should
be optimized away or inlined.  Of course you must not compile without
optimization.  -O2 is always advised.

> To answer Ulrich's question, the patch will terminate the program
> that tries to execute code on the stack, but only if that isn't a
> trampoline call (if the emulation is enabled).

> This can cause some application bugs or limitations to show up.
> This can well be a bug in my code, I'm just pointing out that we
> can't be sure of that, yet.

There are no such dependencies.  We use the same code on different
platforms which use different shared lib positions.  Also, loading
shared objects (including in different orders gives different
load addresses.  I'm pretty sure this cannot be the problem.

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