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2.1.3pre4 OK so far


Glibc 2.1.3pre4, from tarballs:  built OK, checked OK, installed OK,
running OK, so far (about 2 1/3 days now.)

Assorted details, for the curious:

- Intel Pentium 166, noname Intel 430FX board, 96MiB RAM
- GNU/Linux system (no distribution)

- GLIBC 2.1.3pre4 build:
	- configured with --prefix=/usr --enable-add-ons
	- Linux kernel 2.2.15pre9 in /usr/src/linux
	- gcc 2.95.2
	- GNU binutils
	- GNU make 3.76.1
	- GNU gettext 0.10.35
	- GNU makeinfo 3.12h
	- GNU gawk 3.0.3
	- perl 5.005_03
	- /bin/sh -> PD KSH 5.2.14

So far, I have only built a few things (strace, cdtool, libtool, glib,
pnmtopng) with the new library, but have run my normal complement of
programs with it.  The "normal complement" of programs have been built
with various versions of the GNU C library, from 2.1.1 to (now) 2.1.3pre4.

du -ks glibc-2.1.3:		 45,468
du -ks glibc-build-2.1.3:	268,159

"localedef -i fr_CA -f ISO-8859-1 fr_CA" worked fine (fr_CA is my usual
locale) and localized messages appear fine.


Savage's Law of Expediency:
	You want it bad, you'll get it bad.

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