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Re: New internal implementation

Keisuke Nishida <> wrote:

>> Maybe true but I want more people to use Guile Emacs.  I'm
>> hooked on Scheme and propagate how Scheme is exciting to my
>> colleagues everyday.  They'll need Guile Emacs soon. :-)
>That's my hope :)

Guile Emacs is an excellent environment for enjoying Scheme
programming.  I can be happy all the year alone on a desert
island if I have a UNIX machine with Guile Emacs and the
textbook called Structure and Interpretation of Computer
Programs.  Of course a desert island with the Internet
connection is better. :)

>> Probably 10 MB packages don't count because more and more
>> people have fast connections to the Internet nowadays.
>I guess we should distribute binary packages (i.e., .rpm or .deb)
>instead of distributing a 10MB source package.

I have a friend of a rpm hacker.  I ask him for the SPEC
file for Guile Emacs. Once the SPEC file is created, you can
easily build the rpm package with rpm command if you use Red
Hat Linux.  What's your platform, Keisuke?

-- Satoru Takabayashi

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