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Re: interrupting the Scheme process

Keisuke Nishida <> writes:
> It seems Emacs catches the interrupt by interrupt_signal in keyboard.c,
> so we could modify this function so that it also sets the Guile's flag.
> If this works, we can convert the signal from Guile into a Emacs's quit
> signal.  In case this doesn't work, I don't know what to do.

Looks like the right place to start.  Like I said, figuring out
which language should get the interrupt and how to propagate the
interrupt across language boundaries will probably be trickier than
figuring out where to set the flags.

> > I suppose we could have a "spawn and wait for multiple threads"
> > function which implements all of this on top of the scheme^Wplan you
> > describe, by trapping the interrupt...
> Anyway, we can't work on this until your Guile-based Emacs appears :)

Yeah....  Emacs 21.1 is going into feature freeze soon, so it's a good
time for me to stop putting changes into it and focus on merging it
back into my guile-emacs source base.  Then when the final release
comes, I should be able to make diffs available rather quickly.


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