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Re: automating %load-path

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <> writes:

> Before my emacs/init.scm changes, .emacs.scm used to be loaded in
> the root module.  When .emacs.scm used modules such as (emacs
> guile), the public commands defined there were imported to the
> root module and the Lisp side could find them.
> Nowadays, .emacs.scm is loaded from emacs/init.scm so the root
> module is not current.  If .emacs.scm uses (emacs guile), its
> variables get imported to (emacs init).  The Lisp stubs defined
> by `define-command' couldn't find them from there.
> One could have worked around this problem by making
> emacs/init.scm switch to the root module before loading
> .emacs.scm.  But I think my solution is better, as it also takes
> care of the case where .emacs.scm uses one module which uses
> another module where commands are defined.
> Now, `define-command' always makes the command available in Lisp,
> whether or not anything uses the containing Scheme module.

I see, and I agree with you.  I guess we could define
`lisp-export-environment' for this purpose in the future when
the environment patch is merged into Guile.

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