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Re: scheme-describe-symbol

Keisuke Nishida <> writes:

> GOOPS methods could be described specially, like:
> ----------------------------------------
> `+' is a method.
> (+ <integer> <integer>)
>   ....

OW!  I spent the last few hours implementing a generic
`describe-object' with methods for procedures, macros and generic
functions... until I noticed GOOPS has had the functionality all
the time:

guile> (use-modules (oop goops describe))
guile> (describe describe)
describe is a generic function. It's an instance of <generic>.
Methods defined for describe
    Method #<<method> (<method> . <top>) 402b92b0>
        Specializers: <method> <top>
    Method #<<method> (<generic>) 402ad0b8>
        Specializers: <generic>
    Method #<<method> (<class>) 4028b758>
        Specializers: <class>
    Method #<<method> (<object>) 40279b18>
        Specializers: <object>
    Method #<<method> (<procedure>) 401cda48>
        Specializers: <procedure>
    Method #<<method> (<top>) 402e4890>
        Specializers: <top>

I guess I'll use that instead... except `describe' doesn't show
documentation strings.  What would be the best way to add them?

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