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Re: gdbserver - manually modify Makefile


I believe this is happening because you need to supply a --target
parameter to gdbserver as well.

./configure --host=powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu \
	--target=powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu \


On 08/13/2015 04:50 PM, Ran Shalit wrote:
> Hello,
> I've  cross compile  gdbserver according to wiki in:
> ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/gdb-7.9.1/gdb/gdbserver$ sudo ./configure
> --host=powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu --disable-werror
> But on doing :
> make
> I've noticed that it uses the host gcc instead of the cross-compiler gcc.
> Only after manually modifying the Makefie with
> CC = powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu-gcc
> instead of
> CC = gcc
> It was cross compiling as expected.
> Can anyone help me understand what was wrong doing in the above steps?
> Since this didn't work as expected I'm afraid that maybe the gdb as I
> compiled might also required some manually modifications which I am
> not aware of.
> These are the steps for gdb build:
> ubuntu@ubuntu-laptop:~/gdb-7.9.1/$ sudo ./configure
> --target=powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu --disable-werror
> Thank you for your assistance,
> Ran

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