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Re: [PATCH][PR/24474] Make gdb.lookup_static_symbol also check the STATIC_SCOPE

On 2019-07-26 18:04, Christian Biesinger wrote:
Thanks for your response! I have started implementing this and
concluded that I would prefer not to add a block argument with this
behavior to lookup_static_symbol:
- If I add it with the behavior you suggest, this will be very
confusing to use because it won't find function-local static variables
(they are not part of the static block)

Agreed, it would be a bit confusing to pass a block to a 'lookup' function, and have the search actually done in another block.

- It does not add new functionality. You can already access static
symbols if you have a block: [sym for sym in block if sym.addr_class
== gdb.SYMBOL_LOC_STATIC]. And you can already do that in a function's
static block too, using block.static_block.

I agree.

- I'd be happy to add a patch that adds makes block['foo'] work, in
addition to the currently-existing iteration

That is a separate issue, but yeah, if blocks can be seen as containers of symbols, and symbol names are guaranteed to be unique within a block, then it sounds like it would be handy.

Conversely, lookup_static_symbol without a block does add new functionality.

Yes, and it's always possible to add parameters after if needed since it's Python.

I will send a new patch with this in a moment.



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