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Re: [PATCH 00/61] More TUI refactorings

On 7/4/19 6:02 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Here is another series of TUI cleanups.  It covers several things.
> I made an attempt to remove most of the uses of the TUI_*_WIN globals,
> and to remove explicit checks of window types.  I think this is
> important if we want to be able to easily add new types of windows:
> the core code should be able to manipulate windows without regard to
> their exact contents.
> This transformation isn't complete, but this series takes it pretty
> far, with many of the remaining uses being in the layout code (mainly
> tui-layout.c, but also other files) -- which, if we're going to add
> new windows types, is going to need to be rewritten anyhow.  (Also,
> even once this is all done, I suspect the command window will always
> be a singleton with special code here and there in the TUI anyhow.)
> This series also simplifies window creation and management.  By the
> end of the series, init_and_make_win is completely gone, replaced with
> ordinary uses of "new" at the appropriate spots.  These transforms
> make this code much simpler to understand, IMO.
> The TUI source code is also rearranged somewhat.  In particular, by
> the end of the series, the declaration for a window class is in the
> appropriate .h file (that is, most are moved out of tui-data.h), and
> all the methods for a given class are grouped into a single .c file.
> A couple of small bugs have been fixed in this series.  See the patch
> "Fix flushing bug in tui_puts_internal" and also "Remove deleted
> breakpoint from TUI display".
> Finally, the series contains a fair amount of trivia, just random
> little things I noticed while working on the code.
> In some cases this series introduces functions, only to remove them
> some patches later.  This is a side effect of how I wrote the patches,
> but TBH I think it makes each individual patch more clear -- bundling
> the two patches together would make the result less obviously correct.
> I've tested this as well as I could.  You may want to give it a try,
> though.  It is on the "t/tui-rewrite" branch in my github.

I've tested it a bit, and didn't spot anything different.

I read through the series, and it all looked great to me.

I sent a few comments to individual patches pointing out 
some tiny things.

Thanks for doing all of this.  Impressive.

Pedro Alves

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