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Re: [PATCH] Guard against 'current_directory == NULL' on gdb_abspath (PR gdb/23613)

Thanks for the review, Tom.

On Thursday, July 11 2019, Tom Tromey wrote:

>>>>>> "Sergio" == Sergio Durigan Junior <> writes:
> Sergio> So I fixed the problem with the patch below.  The idea is that, if
> Sergio> 'current_directory' is NULL, then the final string returned should be
> Sergio> just the "path".
> I found other spots relying on current_directory in this way, so I
> wonder if this is the best approach.
> For example, corelow.c:
>   gdb::unique_xmalloc_ptr<char> filename (tilde_expand (arg));
>   if (!IS_ABSOLUTE_PATH (filename.get ()))
>     filename.reset (concat (current_directory, "/",
> 			    filename.get (), (char *) NULL));
> I guess this should just be converted to gdb_abspath?

Yeah, agreed, this is doing the same thing that gdb_abspath does, but
without the proper checks.

> ... but also code in source.c and some other spots.

I will make sure to grep for "current_directory" and adjust the code
where it's necessary.

> If this approach is the right one -- and it seems like it could be --
> then the function documentation should at least be updated to reflect
> this error case.

I'll do that as well, good idea.

As I mentioned on IRC, I think this is the best solution we have for
now.  It's really not possible to do much without a current directory

I'll send v2 soon.  Thanks,

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