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Re: [PATCH] [Ada] Enhance the menu to select function overloads with signatures

Hi Pierre-Marie,

> While the source location information is sufficient in order to
> determine which one to select, one has to look for them in source files,
> which is not convenient.
> This commit tunes this menu in order to also include the list of formal
> and return types (if any) in each entry.  The above then becomes:
>     (gdb) print f(1)
>     Multiple matches for f
>     [0] cancel
>     [1] foo.f (integer) return boolean at foo.adb:23
>     [2] foo.f (foo.new_integer) return boolean at foo.adb.28
>     >
> Since this output is more verbose than previously, this change also
> introduces an option (set/show ada print-signatures) to get the original
> output.
> gdb/ChangeLog:
> 	* ada-lang.c (print_signatures): New.
> 	(ada_print_symbol_signature): New.
> 	(user_select_syms): Add signatures to the output of candidate
> 	symbols using ada_print_symbol_signature.
> 	(_initialize_ada_language): Add a "set/show ada
> 	print-signatures" boolean option.
> gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog:
> 	* gdb.ada/fun_overload_menu.exp: New testcase.
> 	* gdb.ada/fun_overload_menu/foo.adb: New testcase.

This change looks good to me. I think the jury's still out on whether
people will prefer the new output or the old one (useful/time-saver
vs too much info making it hard to read). But we need to make the new
output the default for people to have a chance to try it and let us
know. So, all is good.

This change needs a documentation (gdb.texinfo) + NEWS update.
(the patch you sent is approved - but should wait for the doco
and NEWS to be approved as well, so they all go in together).

Also, can you chat with AdaCore's IDE team to make sure this does
not cause any issue with them?


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