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Re: [PATCH, FT32] Proper support for address <-> pointer conversions

On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 11:37 AM, James Bowman
<> wrote:
> Thanks for the review. Corrected Changelog/patch is below.
> However I was not sure about splitting -- these changes all
> seem to go together. That is, applying just some of the patch
> results in a non-functioning gdb.
> 2015-09-22  James Bowman  <>
>         * ft32-tdep.c: Implement the pointer to address method so
>         that FT32's address spaces (RAM and flash) work correctly when
>         dereferencing pointers in gdb. Also make PC a flash pointer.
>         * ft32-tdep.h: Add a type for an address space 1 pointer, for
>         the PC.

Yeah, there'll always be some grey area as to when one should split up a patch.
This patch is small enough and is completely target specific.

The ChangeLog is still incorrect though. E.g. compare with just about
every existing changelog entry.
gdb's pretty good at following its own conventions, and that in turn
makes it easy to continue to follow them.
Just go with the flow and mimic (without being creative) what's already there.
There's also:

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