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Re: [PATCH 6/6] btrace: use gdb_disassembly_vec and new source interleaving method

* Markus Metzger <> [2015-09-21 16:54:43 +0200]:

> Use the new source interleaving method.  We stick to the /m modifier.
> The old version is broken and there's no point in keeping it as alternative
> to this new version.
>  /* The to_insn_history method of target record-btrace.  */
> diff --git a/gdb/record.c b/gdb/record.c
> index 71ef973..c17b199 100644
> --- a/gdb/record.c
> +++ b/gdb/record.c
> @@ -458,7 +458,7 @@ get_insn_history_modifiers (char **arg)
>  	  switch (*args)
>  	    {
>  	    case 'm':
> +	      modifiers |= DISASSEMBLY_SOURCE;
>  	      modifiers |= DISASSEMBLY_FILENAME;
>  	      break;
>  	    case 'r':

I think that we should make /s the official modifier in order to match
the disassembler modifier.

We should definitely keep /m for backwards compatibility, though I
don't have an issue with it's behaviour changing to match /s.  My
concern is more about trying to keep the flags consistent as much as
possible.  The change in flags would need a NEWS and manual update.


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