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Re: [PATCH 5/7] Add support for software single step on ARM aarch32-linux in GDBServer.

On 09/15/2015 08:33 AM, Antoine Tremblay wrote:

 From reviewer's point of view, I'd like each patch series is
self-contained and independent.  Your patch series is about supporting
software breakpoint, software single step and tracepoint in ARM linux
GDBserver.  Why do we need to worry about the different endianness of
GDBserver and inferior in your patch series?  Your code may be right,
and we may need them sooner or later, but we can't do all of them in one

Alright, here's what I propose in this case, since we may need this
support at one point but we do not now.

I could keep the shared breakpoints definitions , shared operation
signatures and other context that carries the endianness.

(Note that most of this context/signatures just can't go away since it
GDB needs it and the code is shared. )

But I will remove the BE8 detection and ELF endianness detection from

So this way while the architecture of GDBServer will be able to handle
it from the start the feature itself won't be until a separate patch.

Does that sound ok ?

Just FYI after more thought I've decided to remove the shared breakpoints too so the only thing about endianness that will be there is what is needed to keep the get_next_pcs operations working with GDB.

I'll post a "v2" with only software breakpoints & software single step soon.

It should address your comments properly.

Thanks for the review :)

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