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Re: [PATCH 5/7] Add support for software single step on ARM aarch32-linux in GDBServer.

Antoine Tremblay <> writes:

> Well my goal is to have feature parity between GDB and GDBServer as
> much as possible, so yes I would like to support BE8 in GDBServer.

This feature parity should be addressed separately, not by this patch

> Since BE8 support entails endianness awareness I can't split them out
> logically based on the BE8 feature, that would be writing the
> breakpoint handling code code without endianness support and then
> rewriting it completely with a patch labeled BE8 that would teach
> endianness to these features. This would be a major overhead with no
> value imho.

No, the value is we can make progress and address one specific problem
in one time.  Patches are easy to review and discuss in this way.

I don't think BE8 GDBserver is fully supported, and I don't know anyone
running GDBserver on BE8.

> Maybe I misunderstood what you meant ?
> I think it's better to include endianness awareness in GDBServer from
> patch1 and not redo the work.  In that case BE8 support becomes only 1
> variable in a function and thus does not need it's own patch.

From reviewer's point of view, I'd like each patch series is
self-contained and independent.  Your patch series is about supporting
software breakpoint, software single step and tracepoint in ARM linux
GDBserver.  Why do we need to worry about the different endianness of
GDBserver and inferior in your patch series?  Your code may be right,
and we may need them sooner or later, but we can't do all of them in one

Yao (éå)

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