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Re: [PATCH 0/7] Support tracepoints and software breakpoints on ARM aarch32-linux in GDBServer.

On 09/14/2015 06:33 AM, Yao Qi wrote:
Antoine Tremblay <> writes:

Hi Antoine,
Thanks for the work!

This patch series adds support for tracepoints and software breakpoints on ARM
aarch32 on linux.

Term "aarch32" is only used on armv8, means 32-bit execution state.
What your patches do is to add software single step and tracepoint point
for ARM (ARMv7 and pre-ARMv7).  Don't need to say "aarch32".

Yes I was a bit confused about that I thought aarch32 meant all old 32-bit instruction sets where it seems to refer the the 32 bits instructions in armv8 only.

I could rephrase to ARM 32 bits or up to ARMv7 ? Or just ARM ? I don't want to bring confusion with aarch64 since it supports hardware single step.

Your patch series include too much things, and we need to split them,

Some background :

Some specific issues for ARM aarch32 make it difficult for GDBServer to enable
these features namely : it has no hardware single step support and the
breakpoint data and size depends on the current instruction set used, thumb,
thumb2 or arm.

So GDBServer needs to know how to set a breakpoint of different size based on
the current instruction and registers and it needs to be able to do software
single stepping.

The first part can be teaching GDBserver to choose the right breakpiont
instruction (of different size and encoding) based on the address.
Then, the second part can be teaching GDBserver to do software single stepping.

Yes I could separate the two, my main reason to go with them both was that I could not test the breakpoints if I did not have software single step.

I'll separate them.

This patchset teaches this to GDBServer and enables support for tracepoints and
software breakpoints.

Support tracepoint on ARM (with software single step in GDBserver side)
can be the third part.

This is already a separate patch, namely  7/7.

Did you meant to create a patchset for it ?

I guess I could separate the patch in maybe 2 or 3 but isn't it better to keep it inside the patchset otherwise we will have to sync 3 patchsets versions since they depend on each other ?

The patchset :

This patchset applies over :
to avoid an immediate conflict...

I'll push it in, if there are no regressions on x86 and aarch64.

OK thanks :)

This patchset was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 on ARMv7 and x86 no regressions found.

How do you test them on ARMv7?  I assume you tested your patches against
gdbserver, but did you test them against compile options -marm and
-mthumb respectively?  I do it in this way,

  $ make check RUNTESTFLAGS='--target_board=YOUR_BOARD\{-marm,-mthumb\}'

Yes indeed with native-gdbserver and native-extended-gdbserver, But I had only checked manually with -march and -mthumb with specific tests.

I'll add this to my buildbot in general and make it more clear what test configs were used.

YOUR_BOARD can be unix, native-gdbserver or whatever you are using.
Sometime, I also pass -march=armv4t to exercise thumb-1 instructions,
but I don't know whether your gcc has such multi-lib or not.

It does support it at least according to the man so I'll add this one too.

Thanks !

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