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[PATCH 0/7] Support tracepoints and software breakpoints on ARM aarch32-linux in GDBServer.

This patch series adds support for tracepoints and software breakpoints on ARM
aarch32 on linux.

Some background :

Some specific issues for ARM aarch32 make it difficult for GDBServer to enable
these features namely : it has no hardware single step support and the
breakpoint data and size depends on the current instruction set used, thumb,
thumb2 or arm.

So GDBServer needs to know how to set a breakpoint of different size based on
the current instruction and registers and it needs to be able to do software
single stepping.

This patchset teaches this to GDBServer and enables support for tracepoints and
software breakpoints.

The patchset :

This patchset applies over :
to avoid an immediate conflict...

The first 4 patches do some refactoring and some fixes to prepare for the main
patch : Add support for software single step on ARM aarch32-linux

This patch contains most of the work and resolves the main issues.

Subsequent patches add the functionality of tracepoints and software breakpoints

This patchset was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 on ARMv7 and x86 no regressions found.

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