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Re: [PATCH] aarch64-core.xml: 32-bit cpsr -> 64-bit pstate

On 09/08/2015 09:20 AM, Yao Qi wrote:
> AArch64 is still a new architecture, and there isn't much compatibility
> burden as other old archs have.

Under the same reasoning, you should be able to fix kgdb as well.

> Under this context, I think correctness
> is more important than compatibility.  If we don't fix it now, we can't fix
> it forever.  So it isn't an arbitrary change.

Simply cpsr->pstate like in your patch has user-visible changes as well.  Do
users really expect to see "pstate" in "info registers"?  If it really OK
that "print $cpsr" stops working?

But the change is really not OK as is.  You can't have a server _not_
send "cpsr" and claim that the target description supports
the "org.gnu.gdb.aarch64.core" feature:

  @node AArch64 Features
  @subsection AArch64 Features
  @cindex target descriptions, AArch64 features

  The @samp{org.gnu.gdb.aarch64.core} feature is required for AArch64
  targets.  It should contain registers @samp{x0} through @samp{x30},
  @samp{sp}, @samp{pc}, and @samp{cpsr}.

If we do go the cpsr->pstate direction, we'll have to add a new
target feature.

Pedro Alves

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