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Re: [python][patch] Inferior and Thread information support.

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Muldoon <> writes:

Phil> +  cleanup = ensure_python_env (python_gdbarch, python_language);
Phil> +
Phil> +  thread_obj = create_thread_object (tp);
Phil> +  if (!thread_obj)
Phil> +    {
Phil> +      warning (_("Cannot create Python InferiorThread object."));
Phil> +      gdbpy_print_stack ();
Phil> +      do_cleanups (cleanup);

Tom> I don't think there is any need for a warning here.
Tom> The exception should suffice.

Phil> OK
Actually I meant that you should remove the call to warning but leave in
the gdbpy_print_stack.

Phil> +      buffer = xmalloc (length);
Phil> +      make_cleanup (xfree, buffer);
Phil> +
Phil> +      read_memory (addr, buffer, length);
Phil> +    }
Phil> +  GDB_PY_HANDLE_EXCEPTION (except);

Tom> GDB_PY_HANDLE_EXCEPTION returns from the function; this will leave the
Tom> cleanups dangling.  You have to run the cleanups before the return.

Phil> OK

The new code looks like this:

Phil> +  if (except.reason < 0)
Phil> +    {
Phil> +      do_cleanups (cleanups);
Phil> +      return PyErr_Format (PyExc_RuntimeError, "%s", except.message);
Phil> +    }

... but this does the wrong thing for RETURN_QUIT.
Instead I think you should do

if (except.reason < 0)
    do_cleanups ...;

This is a little redundant but it will do the right thing -- and will
continue to do so if we ever split the different kinds of gdb
exceptions into different Python exceptions.

This patch is ok with those changes.  Thanks for persevering.


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