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Re: [patch 2/2] ptype should list also class's typedefs

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

Tom> It is customary to make new wrapper macros for new fields here.
Tom> I'm not sure that adds much benefit, but maybe just consistency is a
Tom> good enough reason.

Jan> Asked about, no response so I have implemented it as you say, not
Jan> agreed upon.  gdbtypes.h #defined field accessors

Sorry about the lack of a response.
I will reply to this separately.

Tom> Access permissions are also dropped, that seems maybe a little more
Tom> useful.

Jan> I was not aware they apply.  Filed GCC PR debug/44668 and GDB PR
Jan> c++/11757.


Jan> There is no memory difference as read_type_die is used by both and
Jan> the same TYPE_CODE_TYPEDEF type gets shared by
Jan> get_die_type->htab_find_with_hash.


Jan> GDB now displays:
Jan> 	(gdb) ptype C
Jan> 	type = class C {
Jan> 	  private:
Jan> 	    C::t g(C::t);
Jan> 	    typedef int t;
Jan> 	}

Jan> As `g' is printed without `C::' I believe even ` t;' should not be
Jan> ` C::t;'.

Yeah, I agree.  This output looks reasonable, I think I misunderstood
what would be printed here.

Jan> GDB currently does not try to shorten some common namespaces and it always
Jan> uses fully qualified names.  It could probably shorten at least `std::':

Jan> Do you suggest to already implement some form of such namespaces
Jan> shortening?  I have no clue how it fits into some general GDB
Jan> namespaces shortening plan.

I don't think we have any actual plan here.

Originally we had talked about making gdb print "whatever the user
wrote".  There's at least one GCC PR on this topic; the issue is that
GCC doesn't preserve the needed information in the DWARF, and arguably
it should not.

Roland had a couple of ideas in this area that seemed quite nice to me:

But AFAIK nobody is working on these yet.

Jan> 2010-06-25  Jan Kratochvil  <>
Jan> 	* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_base): For no fields check include also
Jan> 	TYPE_TYPEDEF_FIELD_COUNT.  Print new typedefs section.
Jan> 	* dwarf2read.c (struct typedef_field_list)
Jan> 	(struct field_info) <typedef_field_list, typedef_field_list_count>: New.
Jan> 	(dwarf2_add_typedef): New.
Jan> 	(read_structure_type): Call dwarf2_add_typedef for DW_TAG_typedef.
Jan> 	* gdbtypes.h (struct typedef_field)
Jan> 	(struct cplus_struct_type) <typedef_field, typedef_field_count>

Jan> 2010-06-25  Jan Kratochvil  <>
Jan> 	* gdb.cp/namespace.exp (ptype OtherFileClass typedefs)
Jan> 	(ptype ::C::OtherFileClass typedefs): New.
Jan> 	* gdb.cp/ (C::OtherFileClass::cOtherFileClassType2)
Jan> 	(C::OtherFileClass::cOtherFileClassVar2): New.
Jan> 	(C::OtherFileClass::cOtherFileClassVar_use): Use also
Jan> 	cOtherFileClassVar2.
Jan> 	(C::cOtherFileType2, C::cOtherFileVar2): New.
Jan> 	(C::cOtherFileVar_use): use also cOtherFileVar2.
Jan> 	* gdb.cp/userdef.exp (ptype &*c): Permit arbitrary trailing text.

This is ok.  Thanks.


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