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Re: [python][patch] Inferior and Thread information support.

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Muldoon <> writes:

>> Arguably, gdb.Value should support the buffer protocol.  I don't know if
>> that is directly possible, but if not we should supply a way to convert
>> a Value to a buffer -- to give the user a way to view the underlying
>> bits.

Phil> I don't disagree in principle.  I'm not sure this is within the
Phil> the scope of this patch though?
What you have is fine.

Phil> From a pragmatic point of view, between you and Doug I'm a little lost
Phil> about what we need to do to get this patch suitable for inclusion in
Phil> the FSF tree, with a possible view for inclusion to 7.2?  I'm not sure
Phil> what the removal of the max_count has to do with the other comments?
Phil> Making search_memory only support buffers is okay from the Python
Phil> side, that is easy.  What else needs to be done is my question ;)

For the record, I think you are very close; fix the nits and I am


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