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Re: [RFA/commit/Win64] Remove new extra leading underscore in symbol name

> Joel> 2010-06-17  Joel Brobecker  <>
> Joel>         gdb/
> Joel>         * coffread.c (getsymname): Skip the leading underscore on pe64.
> I don't know anything about this target, but the binutils patch includes
> a --enable-leading-mingw64-underscores option...
> Joel> +  const char *target = bfd_get_target (symfile_bfd);
> Joel> +  const int is_pe64 = (strcmp (target, "pe-x86-64") == 0
> Joel> +                       || strcmp (target, "pei-x86-64") == 0);
> maybe instead of looking at the target name, it would be better to
> use bfd_get_target_info here?

I'm a little nervous at changing the check to a non target-specific
one without multi-platform testing.  Unfortunately, I haven't had
a chance to work on this yet, and I'd really like to have that for 7.2.

Would it be OK for me to commit this change as is while I instrument
what you suggest on all other platforms we have that use COFF? (I'm
expecting to be able to make that change today)


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