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Re: [RFA] testsuite avoid tcl error in gdb.threads/gcore-thread.exp

On Wednesday 23 June 2010 14:59:09, Pierre Muller wrote:

>   Tested on gcc16 (it works again, hurrah!)
> no changes.

I, and more importantly I guess anyone reading the archives in a
few years, don't know what gcc16 is.  I guess it to be a machine in
the gcc compile farm, and I guess it to be running linux, but I don't
know for sure.  I don't know if it is x86, x86-64 or something else.  Can
you please state x86_64-linux, or something like that instead of
assuming everyone else is using the gcc compile farm?

>   OK to commit?

Yes, thanks.  I was going to suggest fixing gcore.exp too, but
it was already fixed similarly at some point:

2007-05-14  Markus Deuling  <>

        * gdb.base/gcore.exp: Initialize variable core_supported.

>  set escapedfilename [string_to_regexp ${objdir}/${subdir}/gcore.test]
>  # Drop corefile
> +global core_supported
> +set core_supported 0
> +

Pedantically, you don't need that "global" statement anymore.

Pedro Alves

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