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Re: [python][patch] Inferior and Thread information support.

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Muldoon <> writes:

Phil> +int
Phil> +search_memory (CORE_ADDR *start_addr, ULONGEST *search_space_len,
Phil> +	       const char *pattern_buf, ULONGEST pattern_len,
Phil> +	       CORE_ADDR *found_addr)

I think if you remove the max_count parameter then you won't need this
at all, you can just call target_search_memory directly.

Phil> +struct inflist_entry {
Phil> +  inferior_object *inf_obj;
Phil> +  struct inflist_entry *next;
Phil> +};
Phil> +/* List containing inferior_objects.  This list owns a reference to each
Phil> +   object it contains.  */
Phil> +static struct inflist_entry *gdbpy_inferior_list;
Phil> +
Phil> +static int ninferiors;

I'm sorry I missed this earlier...

struct inferior now has a "user-data" API, like objfiles do.
See register_inferior_data and register_inferior_data_with_cleanup.

I think this means that we can attach the Python objects directly to the
struct inferior, rather than keeping an external list.

This change should simplify a lot of code.


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