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Re: [RFA] gdb.base -- use gdb_test_no_output

Michael Snyder wrote:

> Hmmm...  well I'm prepared to revert that line, but I'm puzzled
> as to why this output should appear for you and not for me.
> I presume your arch is cell, whereas I tested on x86.  But this
> message comes from arch-neutral language.c, and AFAICT should only
> appear on the command "show language", not "set language".
> Can you see something that I'm missing?

Well, I'm seeing the message on x86 as well.  In fact, it does
not originate from language.c, but from this piece of code at
the end of top.c:execute_command:

  /* Warn the user if the working language does not match the
     language of the current frame.  Only warn the user if we are
     actually running the program, i.e. there is a stack. */
  /* FIXME:  This should be cacheing the frame and only running when
     the frame changes.  */

  if (has_stack_frames ())
      flang = get_frame_language ();
      if (!warned
          && flang != language_unknown
          && flang != current_language->la_language)
          printf_filtered ("%s\n", lang_frame_mismatch_warn);
          warned = 1;

Not sure why this different for you ...


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU Toolchain for Linux on System z and Cell BE

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