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Re: [RFA] Delayed physname computation

>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Seitz <> writes:

Keith> If you put a printf in set_die_type, you'll see that this function is
Keith> called twice (with different type structs) for the same DIE.

This part seems quite weird to me.
But maybe the only real fix for it would be two passes over the DIEs, or
something equally horrible.

Keith> Since there is no way to detect/trigger this in gdb without the
Keith> delayed physname patch, there seems little point IMO in testing
Keith> specifically for this. However it would be trivial for me to write up
Keith> a testcase for this. Just say the word.

I think a test case for this would be good, just to prevent regressions
in the case where someone tries to remove code that looks weird to them.

Both of these patches are ok.  Thanks, and sorry for the delay in
reviewing them.

Keith> +      physname = (char *) dwarf2_physname ((char *) mi->name, mi->die, cu);

It would be nice to const-correct enough so that we could remove these
casts.  I'm not asking you to do it though :-)


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